Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Fancy Favor Bags

For the open house this weekend, I decided to put together a few ideas with the Fancy Favor Boxes.  The black box is my spooky monster box . . . just decorated with different fall color circle punches and googly eyes.  The inspiration for this came from a card in the October issue of Cards magazine.

I also made a couple of pumpkin boxes, the first one using circle punches for the eyes, nose and mouth . . . and leaves.  Used small paper strips, curled around a stylus for tendrils (thanks for the idea, Jane!)  Then, decided it would be fun to use the three heart punch to make a pumpkin box (photos of that below).

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Jana Weaver said...

Too cute!!! And yes, I really am up at 4am - I guess no more late afternoon Chai latte's for me - I'm turning my boy into an insomniac!