Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Digital Studio -- Extreme Halloween Card

By now, you've probably figured out that I've been having great fun scrapbooking with My Digital Studio . . . what you may not know is that I've also been creating cards.  In fact, just today, I decided to create a digital Halloween card. 

Just as for scrapbooks, there are designer templates that you can use to create cards.  However, I decided to design this one completely on my own.  Here's the front of it:

And, the inside pages:

After selecting the card size I wanted to create (this one is a standard portrait card), I selected my background color.  I chose Basic Black; but I didn't want it full strength, so I made the color more opaque.  Then, I added Basic Black Villa Designer Paper as a page layer (doing this allows you more freedom in the size and shape of the paper, instead of just having it completely fill the background).  I changed the opacity of the designer paper and added a mat behind it, so that it would appear more grayish in the spaces that are usually white.  Also added a Basic Gray grosgrain ribbon.

Then, to create the inside pages--and have the basic design from the front carry through to the inside--I used an option in the program that allows you to add a copy of the page you've just created.  That way the papers and ribbons all line up.  Super simple, super neat, and super fast!

For the images, I used the Eat, Drink, and Be Scary digital stamps, as well as what is becoming one of my very favorites -- the digital Extreme Elements stamp set (you can make so many fun looking effects with these).  Oh, and can't forget the cat -- that's from the program's Cute Cats digital stamp set!

Aside from the orange splatter at the top of the second page, the orange effect around the stamps is a drop shadow.  You can see this for instance around the spiders and stars.   To create this effect, I changed the drop shadow from the default Basic Black to Pumpkin Pie, and then boosted the opacity to 100% and used a medium blur.  (Sounds more complicated when I write it out than when you do it in the program -- it's actually as simple as a few mouse clicks).

Each page also uses a curly label punch -- it is Basic Black with a grey mat on the first two pages, and then Basic Gray with a Going Gray mat on the third page.

And, there's a digital hodgepodge hardware star brad on the first page.  Can you tell -- I just love all the embellishments and creative possibilities in this program!!! 

- Michelle

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