Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Framelit (and Edgelit) Storage Upgrade!

You might have noticed that I have been using my Framelits Dies a lot lately!!!  Well, I wanted to share a little storage tip for them with you today -- the idea actually isn't original to me -- I owe a big thanks to my friend Connie who first gave me the idea!

So, when you first receive your Framelits (or Edgelits for that matter), they come in a neat little envelope with double-sided tape holding them onto heavy-weight white paper.   Here's the basic idea (I'd already covered over my double-sided tape, so can't show you that anymore):

My double-sided tape started to lose some of its stickiness as I was using my dies, so I "upgraded" by adding a piece from one of Stampin' Up!'s Magnet Sheets, cut to fit the white paper my dies came on:

And, everything still fits in the neat envelope it came in:

The Magnet Sheets are a great deal -- you get 3 sheets (6" x 13") for $9.95 (plus shipping & tax).  I used a 6" x 5" piece for my Heart Framelits and another one for my Labels Framelits, and the leftover 6 x 3" piece for my Adorning Accents Edgelits.  So, I was able to do all three sets with just one of those sheets.  You might be able to hold them in place with a smaller amount, but I wanted to be sure that my dies laid flat and wouldn't warp or bend around the magnet sheet, so the sizes I used worked well for that.

I'm hopeful Stampin' Up! will have more Framelits and Edgelits for us in the new catalog, and I'm ready with more magnet sheets for those!  If you'd like to order your own magnet sheets, you can find them in the Stampin' Up! online store here (if you are in the U.S., and don't already have a demonstrator, please be sure to select me as your demonstrator when you check out so you can qualify for preferred pricing.)

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- Michelle

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Anonymous said...

That's what I did except I transfered it all to a clear stamp box that we sell. Either way, that magnet really helps to keep it all together! Love this idea. Marlene Caravello