Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My First Undefined Stamp: A Pumpkin Carving Cat!

It's been fun to see the great stamps everyone is making with Stampin' Up!'s new Undefined kits, and I just had to try my hand at it, too.  I decided for my first stamp to create a cute image for Halloween of a cat in a carved pumpkin.  Here's the sketch I started with, and the final stamped image:

The actual rubber stamp looks like this:

I ended up doing a fair bit of carving to get the final image how I wanted it to look.  Here's the first stamped image I produced with the stamp:

I wasn't so crazy about all the lines, so kept carving away, and testing and carving some more before I was satisfied at last!

Next, to create a project with my new stamp!  Stay tuned for that!!! 

I'm looking forward to making more stamps soon.  How about you?  Ready to try your hand at carving your own stamp?  

Thanks for stopping by!

- Michelle

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