Saturday, November 21, 2009

Decor Elements -- Fabric Stencil Technique

      Stampin' Up! recently had a video tutorial for demonstrators showing a fun technique with Decor Elements -- using them as a stencil on fabric, then bleaching around the stencil for a really cool look!  While it is easiest to apply Decor Elements on smooth, non-textured surfaces, with some patience, they definitely can be applied to surfaces with texture as well (in fact, I managed to apply some to a textured wall surface in my kitchen and have applied them to the cover of a linen photo album -- will photograph those and post another day . . . ). 

       Anyway, I had to try this technique!  I found some tote bags, and started playing.  Here is a photo of some Upsy Daisy decor elements applied to a tote bag.  The craft mat is placed inside the tote bag, so when the bleach is applied it will not soak through to the other side of the bag.

Next, I sprayed around the Decor Elements with a small spray bottle (an empty Stampin' Mist or travel size hairspray bottle would work well) filled with a mixture of half bleach, half water.  The first time I did this, I got a little carried away (that was on the right side of bag below--the whitest side!).  It really only takes a few spritzes around the flowers -- enough to make it wet, but not totally saturated!  Then, once you can see the bleach reaction starting, you can rinse the fabric in the sink to slow down and ultimately stop the bleaching. 

More of a close up:

The Decor Elements came off easily during the rinsing, and I was able to save them and use again around the bag.  (Note: The Decor Elements really do work best when the adhesive is freshest, since this really helps hold and prevent the bleach from soaking under the Element.  When there is no longer enough adhesive to hold tight to the fabric for this technique, I plan to use them as stencils for my cardmaking!  Will post a sample of that when I get one made.)

The other side of the bag (much better than the first, since I got the hang of not over doing it with the bleach!):

Tomorrow I have another altered tote bag to show you -- using vinyl butterflies cut with the Big Shot!  I was able to get the vinyl sheets for free with the Holiday Extravaganza -- right now, for each $50 you spend on products from the Holiday Gift-Giving Guide, you receive a free Decor Elements piece (up to a $16.95 value)!   Want to do some shopping?  Click here and then click the shop now button near the top of the page to visit my online store!

- Michelle


Jana Weaver said...

Can't wait to see the butterfly bag!!! See you soon!!

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

This looks like a really fun project! I really like it overbleached... really nice!