Friday, September 11, 2009

Build a Bear Tea Party!

My first Build a Bear Tea Party was yesterday, and it was so much fun!  I took lots of photos, and decided it would be fun to make some scrapbook pages with My Digital Studio to help share the photos with you.  The first page shows the pieces we could choose from in dressing our paper bears, and how I had those pieces organized.  I discovered that the littlest accessories fit perfectly in an empty Hodgepodge Hardware TM tin that I had around, just waiting to be reused.  The clothes were organized into little boxes cut out using the Big Shot Matchbox Die.  The shoes were organized into a segmented plastic box (the kind some Stampin' Up! alphabet stamps come in). 

The second page is a collage with the different bears everyone created (tried to get everyone's in here -- if yours is missing, I apologize!)  Really enjoyed seeing the different outfits and choices everyone made.  Although I did notice that the one must-have accessory for every girl bear was a purse! 

In addition to creating a bear, we also used the Build a Bear stamps and Pawsitively Prints paper to create a card.  There were two versions of the card from which to choose -- one with more girly colors (Certainly celery and Regal Rose) and the other with more boyish colors (Ballet Blue and Pumpkin Pie).

If you missed out on this Tea Party and want to make these projects, please let me know . . . I may try to host another one again soon . . . or would be glad to arrange one for you and your friends!  Also, please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of the Stampin' Up!/Build a Bear projects used to make these creations!  (Or, you can order them from my online store by clicking any of my catalog links in the sidebar, and then clicking "Shop Now" once you get to my website.)

- Michelle


Laura Pinto-Nguyen said...

These bears are too cute!!!

Sun said...

We had a great time! A's bear & card were very adorable.

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

You are making it really hard to resist getting the whole kit 'n kaboodle! Adorable!!!